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Xtype   modular membrane housing

The basic housing

Xt8ZxM-Q4xW      Q4 head feed & Q3 head brine/permeate

Xt8ZxM-Q3xW Q3 head feed/permeate & Q3 head brine/permeate

Q4 head (Feed 4in)

Q3 head (feed or brine 3in / permeate 3in)

Example: XT8ZxM-Q3 type housing (4 stages)  using brine of previous stage as feed for following stage

Select your Port Set and tie-bar set

Example: Col4 Row1

Example: first stage: columns 4,rows4 Sw housings & second stage:  columns 4 rows1 BW & columns2 rows1BW

 port set & tie-bar set

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