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Knappe Composites SAS

Knappe Composites    (press for history) is the inventor and world leader in the production of the fiberglass in-lined membrane housings.The success and reliability of our AnyChemTM housings has been proven for more than 30 Years.At the Aquatech show 2015 in Amsterdam Knappe Composites presented its new generation of membrane housings, the Xtype series.This revolutionary design combines important advantages.

 ● modular design
 ● fewer housing models
easy stock-keeping for resellers and better availability for the OEMs
 ● compact design 
 ● only small footprint required
 ● fewer manifolds / couplings neededflow control for each housing
 ● Feed-, Brine, Permeate Water sampling directly at the elements
 ● measuring of pressure/differential pressure at membrane surfaces

We keep the advantages of our RO/SP series

 ● the in-liner : protecting the fiberglass shell against medium attack
 ● the self sealing endplate/head system

In January 2016 we introduced an extra service to our customers

 ● we provide chemical alteration tests on the materials used for the Xtype membrane housings.
Please contact our technical service.


With more than 30 years of intensive research in polymers and composite materials for pressurized systems, we provide an unequaled experience and expertise within the industry.

Knappe Composites conducts a straight vertical production in different disciplines:

FRP winding
  ● CNC machining and mold construction
  ● compounding
  ● injection
  ● extrusion
  ● laboratory for mechanical, duro- and thermplastics testing and compounding

This concept presents a lot of advantages:

  high product availability
  ● efficient quality management
  ● perfect control of the raw materials and their quality
  ● perfect control of the use of the materials

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